Reece Cumberland-Ward

Art/Fashion/Interior Design: Visiting museums and following a lot of art accounts, I enjoy viewing a vast amount of art. Some of my favourite digital artists are “polygon1993”, “digiyams” and “seerlight”. 180 The Strand in London always has really interesting exhibitions. Takashi Murakami is my favourite contemporary artist & as for interior design, Sean Brown never disappoints with his modern, artistic takes on home decor.

Film and 3D work: I enjoy videography, such as documenting my travels in VLOGs, for example, my trip to Japan. I have a passion for 3D VFX and working with Cinema 4D and supporting applications to create 3D pieces in my free time.

Cryptocurrency and Web 3.0: Since 2019 I have been interested in Cryptocurrency and more recently, the emerging Web 3.0 ecosystem. Even choosing to create my own online, interactive, digital magazine with scannable QR codes leading to web 3 applications such as Opensea.

Spanish: I have always wanted to learn Spanish & recently started to learn how, with Rosetta Stone & the help of a friend.

The Gym: I also like to work out at the gym to keep fit, I try to go four times per week. Boxing is something I practised when I was younger for three years and recently have found myself interested in Muay Thai.

Reading: I like to read in my spare time, some of my favourite books are Siddhartha and Demian by Hermann Hesse.

Eating out: Like most people in London, I enjoy eating out, trying new foods and going for drinks.

Travelling: I love travelling and before Covid-19 I had planned to do a fair amount. I have visited many countries such as The Netherlands, Greece, Spain and spent a month in Japan in 2019 which was my favourite trip. I hope to see more of the world in the next coming years as we start to open back up again.