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Reece Cumberland-Ward

Art/Fashion/Interior Design: Visiting museums and following art accounts, I have enjoyed art since I were a child. Some of my favourite digital artists are “digiyams” and “@90gram”. Takashi Murakami is my favourite contemporary artist & as for interior design, I love mid-century modern design and mid-century pioneers such as the Eames brothers.

Film and 3D work: I enjoy videography, such as documenting my travels in VLOGs, for example, my trip to Japan. I also have an interest in Cinema 4D and often create 3D pieces in my free time

Cryptocurrency and Web 3.0: Since 2019 I have been interested in Cryptocurrency and more recently, the emerging Web 3.0 ecosystem. Even choosing to create my own online, interactive, digital magazine with scannable QR codes leading to web 3 applications such as Opensea. This is a continually developing hobby for me.

Spanish: I have always wanted to learn Spanish & recently started to learn how, with Rosetta Stone & the help of a friend.

The Gym: I also like to work out at the gym to keep fit, I try to go four times per week. Boxing is something I practiced when I was younger for three years and recently have found myself interested in Muay Thai.

Reading: I like to read in my free time, some of my favourite books are Siddhartha and Demian by Hermann Hesse.

Eating out: Like most people, I enjoy eating out, trying new foods and going for drinks.

Travelling: I had done a fair amount of travelling before covid and still plan on visiting more countries as the world opens again, my favourite trip was Japan in 2019.

Finance: As boring as it might sound I find finance an interesting topic and keep up to date with the financial world, one of my favourite channels for financial news is Financial Times.

News/geo-politics/geography/history etc: I enjoy keeping up to date with news and geo politics, some of my favourite channels are: Vox, Johnny Harris, TLDR News, TLDR Business, Vice and many more alike.

Tech: I'm a tech guy to the core and I have always been fascinated by new, emerging tech. Currently I believe the most interesting and groundbreaking developments of the future will come from AI. 

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